A bunch of rumors have surfaced over the last month or so that spoke about an alleged Natalie Portman nude scene in her upcoming film, Goya's Ghosts. Of course, fanboys everywhere immediately jumped at the chance to see Queen Padmé Amidala in her birthday suit, re-arranging their lives so they could quietly count down the seconds until said film arrives in theaters. Unfortunately, there's news today that Portman's spokesperson denied the rumors, claiming the scene in question featured a body double and not Portman herself. Oh Natalie, why won't you just take off your shirt already? I mean, didn't you see where it got Halle Berry?

Hey, anyone up for some nasty Lindsay Lohan pics? In an effort to sneak away from her cutesy on-screen persona, Lohan is looking to go all "crazy rebellious teenager" for her latest role in Georgia Rule. And, based on the set pictures leaked online, apparently director Garry Marshall is either creating a deep, meaningful film or simply fulfilling some bizarre Lohan-related fantasy. As far as the pics go, um, let's just say they feature Lohan helping some dude out with his "oral presentation."

Here's some advice: If you're ever invited out for drinks with Jackie Chan, think twice before going. According to reports, the Rush Hour star did some rushing of his own when he drunkenly forced his way on stage during a concert given by Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jonathan Lee. After attempting to perform with the singer, Chan, who was obviously wrecked off his face, began receiving heckles from the audience. The actor reportedly then shout back his own insults. Not for nothing, but I couldn't see myself heckling Jackie Chan, even if he was making an ass out of himself. We've all watched the guy fight sober. Do you really want to take a chance on his drunk-fighting skills? Yeah, I'll let you think about that one while I go fix myself a drink. Shh, don't tell Jackie.

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