You'd think that with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest smashing all sorts of box office records and Cars crossing the $200 million mark ... Disney-ville would be a pretty pleasant place to work at right now. Alas, no. Fresh off the cash cow arrival of Jack Sparrow's second adventure, Disney announced that they'd be cutting back on their cinematic output ... and they'd be firing a whole bunch of people.

According to Variety, Disney plans to cut back from about 18 movies a year to something more like 8, and all of their future releases will be "Disney-branded," which probably doesn't bode well for the folks at Touchstone and/or Miramax. Apparently this is some huge move intended to make the Mouse House more profitable in the long run, although to me it feels more like simple corporate greed. (Especially with the inevitably massive Pirates 3 waiting in the wings.)

Despite the stunning success of Pirates2 and the solid returns from Cars, the studio also spent/lost some solid coin on titles like Stick It, Annapolis, Stay Alive, The Wild, and Glory Road. What Variety neglected to mention is that Disney also unleashed Eight Below and The Shaggy Dog this year, both of which (amazingly) turned a profit. (Perhaps part of their new business plan should be to only make movies that deal with pirates and/or dogs.)

So yeah, it's pretty ironic: Less than a week after releasing one of the biggest hits of all time, the studio decides to cut down on production and fire a bunch of employees. Makes you kinda wonder what one's motivation should be if they work as a Mouse House office drone. ...
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