Holy gosh, we made it to week two! First off, I want to thank all of you for embracing Eat My Shorts, welcoming this brand new Cinematical feature into your home and onto your computer with open arms. For those of you who missed last week's inaugural edition, Eat My Shorts is a new weekly feature dedicated entirely to short films. Did you know there were thousands of wonderfully entertaining shorts available online for free? Yes, it's true! And each week, I'm going to span the internet in search of a few fun films to bring back here and show you.

Oh, but you get to play too. See, there's only so much content I can cover in one week's time. Thus, I'm going to need your help in tracking down some of these hidden gems. Last week, a ton of you wrote in with tips and suggestions, a few of which I'm using today. So, thanks! You're awesome. I love you. Blah blah blah. But let's keep going. Should you come across a neat film that would be perfect for Eat My Shorts, feel free to send all tips, suggestions and comments (ie: "Mr. Davis, you're the greatest guy in the history of the human race!") to shorts@cinematical.com. Please use the email. That's why it's there. For comments related to this particular edition, well, there's a little comment button towards the bottom of each post. See it? Wave to it. Make it feel special. Trust me, it loves the attention.

After going all weird and experimental last week, I figured, for this edition, we would lighten things up a bit -- ya know, have a little fun. And what's more fun than love? And sex? And all that other stuff? The following short films all focus on the different phases of a relationship. Early, awkward beginning? Check. Horrific ending? Check. You, alone and with a copy of the Sears underwear catalog. Priceless. Let's go watch some shorts ...

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