Not too very long ago, the AP reported on a meeting between the all-powerful Peter Jackson (this generation's George Lucas, in some regards) and highly-talented actor Denzel Washington. At the time, it was thought they were discussing a deal which would result in Washington directing a Jackson produced flick. That may well still be the case, but a new rumor is floating around out there, as reported by IGN Filmforce. Unspecified and unsubstantiated talk is floating about which suggests Denzel Washington may land the lead role of Master Chief in Jackson's upcoming Halo project, based on the popular video game title.

I'm a big fan of Washington. The man's got a great voice, and as vocal talent is particularly important to a character who spends most of his existence under a helmet, I imagine it'd be a good match. He certainly is not the first (or probably even 20th) name which would have sprang to my mind, but I'm not the guy in charge of casting. Personally, I see no reason to not cast voice actor Steve Downes in the role. He could at least do the voice work, James Earl Jones as Darth Vader style. He is the worldwide recognized voice of Master Chief at this point, isn't he?
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