In the competition between high-definition video formats, HD DVD seems like the easy choice for consumers, if only because it is called what it is and because people can play some of the new discs on their current DVD players. I personally think Blu-Ray sounds cooler (actually I think it just reminds me of a character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and I'm more interested in Blu-Ray's promised higher storage capacity. Plus, Blu-Ray may soon have the same cross-compatibilities as HD DVD. Unfortunately, Sony is likely going to repeat history and Blu-Ray will go the way of its other format loser, Betamax.

To work toward ensuring HD DVD wins the format war, its supporters, Universal, Warner, Paramount, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Toshiba have formed the North American HD DVD Promotional Group. This non-profit  trade organization will work on advertising and marketing the format and its products, first with the slogan "The Look and Sound of Perfect," on television, in print, online and on billboards. The seven companies are contributing a collective amount of $150 million through the 2006 holiday season.

For a great comparison review between the formats, check out Jonathan Takiff's article in today's Philadelphia Daily News.

Feel free to buy your HD DVD player ... now.