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There are a lot of rumors swirling aboutNatalie Portman right now. First, there's the conjecture that she and Jake Gyllenhaal like each other more than friends. I have no clue whether that one's true, but has recently snapped a few photos of them together (such as this one).

Then there's the stuff that really concerns me -- the rumors about movies. First up, after seeing a long-lead screening of auteur Milos Forman's 'Goya's Ghosts' a while back, the folks over at reported that Natalie appears wearing naught but her birthday suit in the film. This is very interesting news, considering that although she did in fact strip for her role as astripper in 'Closer,' Portman convinced director Mike Nichols to cut any glimpses of her unmentionables out of the finished product. The nudity in 'Ghosts,' however, does come during a graphic and supposedly realistic torture scene, so Portman may have felt that the casting off of clothing was integral to the film (not that many guys out there will care why she went "Full Monty"). That said, the JoBlo reviewer did say that he couldn't rule out the use of a body double -- so guess we'll just have to wait and see if that one's true.

Finally, and most exciting to me, reports that Karen Allen (aka Marion Ravenwood from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark') recently hinted that she'd heard Nat had been cast as Indiana Jones' daughter in 'Indy 4.' Allen also suggested that her character, as well as Kate Capshaw's, might be returning for the film. I feel an illegitimate child subplot in there somewhere. If this rumor proves to be true, there won't be a fanboy out there who doesn't love the Portman.

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