When the "Wesley Snipes as the Black Panther" rumors were reawakened (by none other than Wesley Snipes himself), I was more than a bit nervous. I enjoy Snipes in a number of roles, but I personally have trouble picturing him as the Marvel hero. However, given the NEW rumors regarding the lead character for the film, Snipes suddenly looks like solid gold. From the lips of Jamie Foxx comes the suggestion of -- are you ready for this? -- rapper/actor LL Cool J as the king of Wakanda. Stop laughing, I swear I'm not kidding. C'mon, stop laughing! Click here if you need further proof. Apparently, Foxx and J have mended whatever fences they broke while filming that prison football movie, and Foxx is now championing LL Cool J for the long rumored Marvel project. According to Foxx, he told J "My man, you the only cat that can really pull this off. There's this black superhero called Panther."

Foxx is apparently serious about this, as he went on to comment "We're trying to get this Panther production set up, because I think he'll smash that." Oh yay, it is a match made in heaven. Just think -- if they follow through to sequels, we could see an LL Cool J/Halle Berry love story! The sheer thought of such a film sends shivers of despair down my spine.
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