There's no escaping the following fact: Paramount and the internet are no longer friends. For one reason or the other, the studio is working overtime chasing internet fanboys in their quest to make it so no information about Michael Bay's upcoming live-action Transformers flick leaks out. Problem is, the actual leak is a bit bigger then they intended.

After the whole Bumblebee/teaser trailer episode from a week or so ago, the internet has, once again, found a way to piss off Paramount. This time, a picture of Optimus Prime in vehicle mode has surfaced online and, by the time you read this, there's a good chance it may be gone. But why? Why is Paramount going out of their way to silence the fans? Just last week, they went as far as to shut down The Movie Blog for eight hours after they posted a picture of a few actors hanging around the Transformers set. Shut down. Without warning. A website that has done nothing but shine praise on the project.

Hey, Paramount, last I checked there about fifty gazillion pictures of Spider-Man 3 floating around online. Has anyone tried to pull them? No. The only logical reasoning behind Paramount's "Ban Transformers Online" quest is that, well, the film sucks. Perhaps they're afraid of the negative publicity these pictures could generate a full year before the film is released. Or, perhaps, they're just a**holes. Either way, feel free to check out this Optimus Prime pic while it's still around. And, guess what folks -- it's just a truck. That's right! Come get me Paramount, I spoiled everything. Optimus Prime looks like .... a big truck. Man, now I feel like I need to visit confession ... and I'm not even Catholic.

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