Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • Is it me, or is Ian McShane "The Man" lately? Seems every day I find his name associated with another project. And I like the guy -- so that's a good thing. Well, chalk another one up for this cowboy: Variety reports the Deadwood star has signed to star alongside Renée Zellweger (man, she's still acting?) in Case 39 for Paramount Pictures. Directed by Christian Alvart, pic centers around a social worker (Zellweger) who rescues an abused girl from her parents, then later learns things aren't exactly as they seem. McShane will play a cop who helps the social worker with her case.
  • Don't you just love movies that feature characters who suddenly realize they're part of some big, elaborate government experiment? Well, don't you? How come no one is raising their hand? Are you alive out there? Is anyone even reading this free information? If you are, then I'll tell you Intermedia has optioned Adam Alleca's spec script The Drowning Man, which is based on Hideshi Hino's Living Corpse. The sci-fi thriller revolves around a guy who wakes up without a heartbeat, then realizes the government has something to do with it.  Damn government! Why can't a guy just enjoy his freedom?
  • One of the greatest dark comedies ever made might be heading back our way, this time in super-cool sequel form. According to Entertainment Weekly, Winona Ryder and Heathers scribe Daniel Waters are interested in producing a sequel to the hit 1989 film. Currently, the two have teamed up once again for Sex and Death 101, in which Water both wrote and directed. Ryder was quoted as saying, "There's Heathers in the real world! We have to keep going!" This might mean a possible sequel could find our characters out of high school and locked inside cubicles. Personally, I'd be very interested to see something develop here. How about you?
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