One of the biggest reasons I've heard for people going to the movies less often is the cost: Ticket prices, concessions, and related expenses like babysitters and parking. So it should be no surprise that online ticket-buying services like Fandango and MovieTickets aren't doing very well, as they add yet more expense to a night at the movies. Fandango is considering the possibility of variable pricing, in which the company would charge less for screenings that won't sell out. Reserved-seat ticketing is also an option, which I'd enjoy in theaters that show noisy commercials beforehand.

I buy tickets online only when I think the movie/event is likely to sell out. A dollar a ticket doesn't seem like much if it means I know I'll get to see the movie when I want. When you compare the dollar fee to the service charges imposed on tickets for live performances, it seems like a relatively good deal. Example: To buy tickets for tonight's Austin premiere of Clerks II, you have to go through GetTix, the same company that The Paramount uses for concerts and live theater. The service charges and fees added $10 to an already steep $30 ticket. This is standard for theater and concert tickets. The question is: do moviegoers feel like they're getting the same value for money that they would at concerts or other special events? What do you think?

[via TechDirt]
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