This week, Film Blog Group Hug focuses on Austin, Texas. It's almost too hot to blog here right now, but local writers are managing to share their thoughts on Austin film productions and screenings.
  • Heath at Metroblogging Austin describes a day (or two) as an extra on the set of The Hitcher, which is being filmed in nearby San Marcos. Sean Bean was sighted.
  • Austin Movie Blog posted some photos of Mark Zupan, one of the rugby players featured in the 2005 documentary Murderball ... as a zombie. Zupan is one of the many local celebs filming cameos in the movie Z: A Zombie Musical. That movie might be interesting to watch just to catch Joe Ely, Mayor Will Wynn, Dale Watson, Sara Hickman, Kinky Friedman and others all in undead makeup.
  • Alamo Downtown's long-running Weird Wednesday midnight series has its own MySpace page, where Alamo programmer Lars writes about upcoming films. He recently posted the August/September schedule, which includes TNT Jackson and Chained Heat (pictured above). Some of the film posters and stills posted by commenters are worth a look.
  • Wiley Wiggins saw Parents at a recent Terror Thursday screening at Alamo, and recorded his thoughts on the movie as video notes.