It's been a wild couple of days for Angelina Jolie, as the new mom has signed on to play two drastically different roles. The first, of course, is as a martial arts master named Tigress in the animated film Kung Fu Panda starring opposite Jack Black. However, Variety reports Jolie is also now attached to play Mariane Pearl, wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, in A Mighty Heart.

The film, which is an adaptation of Pearl's memoir, will recall the events surrounding the kidnapping and eventual murder of her husband by Pakistani militants. While the book was originally set up at Warner Brothers through Brad Pitt's Plan B, the project has since moved over to Paramount after Plan B relocated there. Stepping behind the camera with his first film for a U.S. studio will be Michael Winterbottom, who is somewhat familiar with the Middle East after previously shooting two films there (The Road to Guantanamo and In this World). Jolie and Winterbottom? Nah, this one won't have a ton of political undertones. Eager to get the ball rolling immediately, production on A Mighty Heart will begin within the next five weeks off a script written by Laurence Coriat and Winterbottom.

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