I'm embarrassed to admit it, being a lifelong fan of horror cinema & fiction, but I only just recently discovered the dark awesomeness of Mr. Jack Ketchum. While strolling through a massive discount store that won't stock NC-17 movies, I noticed the "uncut, uncensored, unexpurgated" version of Mr. Ketchum's debut novel, Off Season, sitting on a shelf next to Cosmo. I bought the book, read it in four days, and then thought it was deliciously ironic that such an stunningly disturbing novel would be sold at the same store that won't carry Requiem for a Dream.

I'm rambling.

No, there's not a movie of Off Season on the way, but Ketchum fans assure me that the author's The Girl Next Door is just as good as Off Season ... if not better. And that's the book that someone's making into a movie. That "someone" will be Gregory Wilson, sophomore-stage director whose first flick was the little-seen Home Invaders. Mae Whitman (Ann Veal from Arrested Development) and Blanche Baker (the drugged-out bride from Sixteen Candles) are among the cast members.

I'd be happy to give you a plot recap on The Girl Next Door ... but that's the next Ketchum book I'll be buying, and I don't want the thing spoiled for me. (In other Ketchum-related news, the movie version of his The Lost has been bouncing around the festival circuit, but has thus far eluded my own eyeballs.)

And as far as Off Season goes... Yowch. I doubt anyone could make it into a movie without gutting the thing.
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