The people of Dominica, where much of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was filmed, will not get to see their island home on the big screen. But the reason isn't what you might think -- or at least what I would have thought. The film hasn't been banned because of its controversial portrayal of Dominica's Carib people as cannibals. No, the film simply has no where to be shown. The island's one movie theater has been closed for two months because of a leaky roof and isn't expected to reopen anytime soon.

This is very upsetting news to at least 75 islanders who worked full-time on the film and another 200 who appeared in the film as extras. One such extra is attempting to get a screener copy of the movie, which he will then show for the rest, but I highly doubt Disney would send out a copy, even to a cast member in a place as undeveloped as Dominica, especially if the man mentions in his request that he'll be sharing the copy around. I think he's better off contacting someone in China who can send the island some cheap bootlegs.

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