Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • After finally admitting the only way he can bring in box office numbers is if everyone except him in the film is dead, Wesley Snipes signed on to play the lead role in Gallowalker, to be directed by Andrew Goth. Pic follows the mysterious gunman (and son of a nun) Kaos. After a curse is placed on him making it so his victims rise from the dead, Kaos must fend off a ton of these creatures if he wants to survive. Shooting is scheduled to begin In South Africa ... after people finally stop slipping in Blade references. Like me.
  • Intrepid Pictures have picked up Dave Kalstein's novelProdigy, with plans to have the author adapt it for the big screen. The sci-fi thriller, which will have a budget of around $20 million, tells of a prep school in the near future which trains its students to be geniuses by giving them drugs. Um, sweet! However, things take a turn for the worse when a bunch of the school's alumni turn up dead, thus forcing an impoverished valedictorian to solve this mystery.
  • Landmark Theaters plan to open the largest independent film multiplex in the country next June in Los Angeles. The Landmark Film Center, to be located at Westside Pavillion, will be three-stories tall and feature 12 auditoriums, all with stadium seating and the latest in film and digital technology. There's also plans being discussed to use the theater to help train film students, as well as to screen works from emerging artists. Damn you Los Angeles! I want me one of those! Well, seeing as I live only a few blocks away from Landmark's Sunshine Theater here in NYC, I can't really complain. It rocks. However, I do feel like more of these should crop up throughout the country. We need it. They need it. Independent filmmakers need it. Lets get something going here, shall we?
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