Priscilla (Parker Posey) and Jack Chase (Paul Rudd) have been married for 10 years. In those 10 years, they've had sex exactly 1,483 times, encounters that have given Priscilla exactly zero orgasms. Though this "sexual dysfunction" doesn't seem to trouble her particularly -- she's a little overly-organized (the above count comes from her), but is also the recently-promoted vice-president of an advertising firm -- it's destroyed her husband's life. Once an inspiring, passionate high school chemistry teacher with ambition and good looks to boot, he's morphed into a sad-sack lump who teaches by having his students read their textbooks in class, while he surreptitiously sips from what looks suspiciously like a can of beer. His ego, you see, has been severely damaged by his inability to give his wife pleasure in bed (Before they were married, he insists to their counselor, he made lots of women come -- some of them more than once!), and his confidence in himself has evaporated as a result.

When Priscilla, after much uncomfortable laughter at the idea, secretly takes their marriage counselor up on his suggestion to buy a vibrator and bring herself to orgasm, and the miserable Jack begins an affair with a precocious and, as such characters tend to be, irritatingly wise, student (Mischa Barton) and moves out, Priscilla is given the push she needs to move beyond the Priscilla that everyone (including her) expects, and see what else she has to offer. The film, then, has potential: Speaking frankly about the subject of female sexuality is something that is rarely done in American films, and the idea of making the topic the subject of a woman-focused comedy is an interesting one. Disappointingly, though, The OH in Ohio fails on multiple levels: From uneven writing to insulting character development; from unconvincing acting to an wildly erratic tone.
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