After Sin City's fantastic reception, it was quickly announced that Robert Rodriguez and his new partner in crime, Frank Miller, would be teaming up to bring us at least two more of the delightfully dark graphic novel to film interpretations. Not long thereafter, they got to work. Rodriguez retained his cast (not tricky, as nearly everyone involved was dying to come back for more), and Miller set about writing a few new bits, much to the delight of fans everywhere. However, it has recently felt as though we've entered a Sin City dead zone. News about the flick has simply ceased emerging, which is odd for such an anticipated title.

Speculation began months ago over Rodriguez and Miller's desire to include popular actress Angelina Jolie in the next flick. This was apparently accurate, as Sin City actress Rosario Dawson recently confirmed that it has been Jolie's pregnancy which has held up significant movement on Sin City 2. Dawson said there is still no official start date, but suggested "I think he [Rodriguez] wanted to do it sooner rather than later." I guess the ball is in Jolie's court now. One certainly doesn't want to rush her away from her child, but one also wants one's next Sin City film. If she decides to take a more extended leave from film (which would be 100% understandable), Rodriguez will have to decide if he's willing to move forward without her.
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