For more than 50 years, between the moment we turn 12 until we become senior citizens, the best deal we have (for first-run films) at the movies is the matinee discount. Usually the matinee show times range from 10:00am to 5:59pm on all days except Sundays and bank holidays, when, depending on the theater chain, the discount will only apply for the first showing in each of the theater's auditoriums or for all showings before 2pm. Some places, like Manhattan, have no matinee discounts at all. Considering most matinee shows on the weekdays are filled with kids and seniors anyway, the discount is no sweat off a theater's back. And on Saturdays, when even the 9-to-5 workers can go to a matinee, it is a good business plan to attract more whole families to see a movie like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Now there's an even better deal than the regular matinee, at least for AMC customers. AMC, who've been bringing customers the greatest incentives lately, will begin an early bird special on Friday called A.M.Cinema. The program offers tickets as low as $4, $5 or $6, depending on each the market, for patrons seeing movies before noon on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. A.M.Cinema has already been tested in Charlotte, N.C., Columbus, OH, Denver and Kansas City, and it was obviously a hit in all four cities.

Considering I am currently a nine-to-fiver and hate going to the movies on weekends, A.M.Cinema doesn't work for me. Besides Manhattan is probably still excluded from the discount, and the Brooklyn AMC near me attracts the loudest audiences I've ever experienced. But hey, if your schedule and AMC theater are not like mine, you'd be crazy not to wake up early and go to the movies this weekend. Don't worry about being tired or hungover; I'm sure it won't take away from your enjoyment of Little Manat a bargain price. ...

Update: According to, some Manhattan theatres are showing discount pricing for friday morning.
Also, I was confused: The theatre near me in Brooklyn is not AMC. It is UA.
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