It's pretty rare for my opinion of a movie to change after subsequent viewings, but I do believe I was dead wrong when I semi-trashedWrong Turn upon its theatrical release. A pal of mine (who's even more of a horror geek than I am, if that's possible) later insisted that I give the movie a second spin, and you know something? He was right. This is a pretty damn solid piece of survival horror.

Oh sure, it's nothing but Texas Chainsaw / Hills Have Eyes / Sawney Beane wedged into the setting of a modern-day West Virginia woodland -- but upon closer inspection, Wrong Turn is actually a pretty slick, fairly disturbing, and appreciably fast-paced cannibal thriller. (Plus, let's be honest: The only three women in the movie are Eliza Dushku, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and the luminous Lindy Booth, and that's what you call "batting a thousand.")

So here's the newest scoop, and I'm sure it'll come as a big shock: Wrong Turn 2, which Fox will be releasing straight to DVD, is presently shooting up in Vancouver. Plot synopsis: A group of reality TV show contestants are stalked and slaughtered by the cannibalistic freakazoids who went all ravenous in the first flick. (As someone who maintains a general disdain for reality TV, I'm digging the concept already.)

According to Fangoria, Wrong Turn 2 is being directed by first-timer Joe Lynch, and the cast includes horror-friendly names like Erica Leerhsen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Ken Kirzinger (Freddy vs. Jason), Texas Battle (Final Destination 3), and (as previously reported) the ever-cool Henry Rollins. And the screenplay comes from the writing team of Turi Meyer & Al Septien, former collaborators on Leprechaun 2, Candyman 3, and one of the most horrifying movies ever made.
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