This news reminds me that I really hate the term "urban entertainment" (and variations). Whenever I read the term, I get that Jerry Seinfeld voice in my head saying, "Why do they call it urban? Is other entertainment rural? Does it have to come from or be about cities?" Anyway, I don't know a better term for it, and I can't easily define what it means, so I'll just go along with everyone else and continue calling it that.

The Weinstein Co., which has yet to deliver a big hit (Clerks II might end up their first) since its founders, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, separated from Disney, is partnering with Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television (which would be probably be called Urban Entertainment Television if founded today), on a new company called Our Stories Films, which will produce low-cost urban movies. This is a brilliant move since the urban market is huge right now. Between all the rapper-starred movies to Tyler Perry to this week's release Little Man(the Wayans actually owe Bob Weinstein for part of their current success), there is definitely consistent money to be made there. And the Weinsteins are certainly smart to be working with Johnson, who will run Our Stories and will controll all decisions to produce, acquire and and finance its films, instead of letting a bunch of suits try to figure out what is hot for the genre.

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