Despite the fact that neither of her two (count 'em -- two) film roles has yet actually appeared on screen, Disney apparently had no concerns about signing a multi-year first-look deal with Alicia Keys, a woman that most of us think of as a singer first an an actor about sixth. Already in the can for Keys is Smokin' Aces (she's an assassin, obviously), and she also has a supporting role in The Nanny Diaries. It seems, however, she wants to be able to act in movies without the risk of having producers want someone else, so she and her partner Jeff Robinson developed Big Pita, Little Pita (And yes, "Pita" in this case stands for "Pain in the Ass" -- at least they've got a sense of humor about something) to "create vehicles [for Keys] that will prevent her from falling into predictable roles."

The first project from the new collaboration with Disney will be, yes, a remake. Keys will star in a new version Bell Book and Candle, taking over for Kim Novak as the witch who accidentally complicates her own plans by falling in love. No word on who will play her love interest, a role originally played by a guy named Jimmy Stewart, or her wacky, bongo-playing brother (if you ask me, Matthew McConaughey is a natural to replace Jack Lemmon for that one).
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