In response to comments made in IF Magazine regarding his future plans.

Dear Mr. Lee,

Let me start by saying you are my hero. Because of you, I am a True Believer. You brought me into the world of comic books, and you created many of the characters and stories which are still my favorites today. You gave me the Fantastic Four, and for that I will forever give you all my fanboy worship. You are a living legend in your field, and it is quite likely that you have done more for comic books than any man alive.

Like all True Believers I'm sad that your association with Marvel is so limited these days, but I understand. I love that you've moved on to other projects; that you haven't stopped being creative in your post-Marvel years. I'm really excited to see what you do with POW, and I plan on following it and enjoying it as your new world is introduced to us. I don't expect you to ever top Marvel, but I have no problem with that. You are still The Man.

With that said, I now openly beg you to abandon any thoughts you might be entertaining about Stripperella the movie. Stripperella is NOT cool, funny, or even entertaining. It is awful. I understand, everyone has their bad moments. I forgive you. Just forget about her and move on, please. Don't further embarrass yourself by attempting to bring this horrible mistake back to life. Stan, I love ya. You hurt my soul with this Striperella thing.

With Utmost Sincerity,
Mark Beall, True Believer
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