Yeah, so the other day a photo of Optimus Prime in vehicle mode was leaked online. As usual, Paramount ran around, threatened folks with words like "lawsuit', 'purple nurple' and 'severe wedgie', thus forcing the image to vanish ... in most places. Lucky for us, Michael Bay then dispatched his henchmen to clarify a few things about the pic and their intentions for Optimus Prime, noting that Bay himself will also have a few words to say on the topic within the next day or so.

Look, let me be honest here: I'm not a huge Transformers fan. Sure, I watched the cartoon when I was younger and bought the toys, but I also picked my nose and covered my next door neighbor's house in toilet paper. I could care less what these trucks look like. Whether they're red, black, green, Chinese -- a truck is a truck is a truck. However, what I do care about is this constant battle between Michael Bay and the internet fanboys. Personally, I think it's hilarious: It's interesting to watch and I love writing about it. Michael Bay has said he wants to keep Transformers a secret until it plays on screens next summer. Will that happen? And what if it doesn't? What will Paramount do? Will they sue the internet? Ah, fun stuff indeed.

In saying that, Bay's main henchman informed the Transformers message board community that the Optimus Prime pic is real, though the actual truck will have a lot more red in it. As far as their choice to go with a huge, long-nosed truck instead of the classic flat-nosed version, Bay said they tested the flat-nosed and it was just too small, measuring reaching a height of only about 20 to 25 feet. And Bay wants it BIG. That's why they went with the Peterbilt, because the sucker comes in at like 40 to 50 feet tall. So, if you're looking forward to gigantic robots, this should come as good news to you. Also, because Bay wants to keep this thing a secret for as long as he can, there will be no sneak peak of the Transformers in normal mode. Not in the teasers. Not in the trailers. Not until you pay your ten bucks to see this bad boy on the big screen. Now comes the fun part: Will that actually happen? Currently, the internet fanboys have re-grouped and are planning their next attack. We shall wait and see ...

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