The Return of Marky Mark!

Ah, remember back in 1991, when all it took for a hot night of romance was dim lighting and Marky Mark on the radio singing Good Vibrations? Funky times, huh? Damn, what a bunch of characters. Well, those of you into collecting sweet Mark Wahlberg memorabilia (slowly raises hand) will be delighted to know one of the actor's old demo reels is now up for auction on ebay. Hell yeah! I'm talking Calvin Klein commercials, clips from Renaissance Man and a music video called, No, I Don't Have a Gun. Too bad son, because something like that should have been shot to pieces a long time ago.

Tarantino to the Rescue!

Look up in the sky -- it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Quentin Tarantino stalking Uma Thurman at a club in New York City! On Thursday, Uma was living it up all Super Ex-Girlfriend-style on the rooftop of the popular NYC hotspot Bed, when a massive thunderstorm hit. As patrons fled the scene, desperate for cover, the Kill Bill star was suddenly lifted up in the air and whisked away to safety. Her savior? None other than Quentin Tarantino who, while carrying Uma, managed to fight off a group of killer zombies falling from the sky at the exact same time. Oh, that Quentin -- someone needs to tell him just because a woman is wet on the outside, doesn't mean, well ... I hope they had a fun night.

I Wanna Be Mariane Pearl!

Poor Jennifer Aniston. After her husband left for Angelina Jolie, had a baby, moved to Nambia and saved the world, one would imagine something like that would leave a scar. I mean, look who she wound up with -- Vince Vaughn, Hollywood's refrigerator repair man. Well, to throw more fuel on the fire, the role of Mariane Pearl was, originally, supposed to go to Aniston. Back when Brad Pitt's Plan B bought the rights to the book A Mighty Heart, he was still married to Aniston, thus the role of Daniel Pearl's widow was intended for Jen, not Jolie. But Brad is still the sexiest man on the planet, so that makes things okay ... even if he is a two-timing a**hole.

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