For those of you who are unaware of the famous "curse of Superman," let me fill you in quickly:
  • Bud Collyer, voice of the original Superman radio, died of heart troubles.
  • Christopher Reeve, the famous Superman, was paralyzed. He later died.
  • His wife died young, as well. Lung cancer at 44 -- not a smoker.
  • George Reeves, TV's Superman, killed himself.
  • Margot Kidder (Louis Lane) had some sort of mental breakdown.
  • Readers can fill in the ones I missed.
So. The basic curse seems to be that people died. I know, I know -- crazy, right? Died in weird ways, I guess, but hey, death works in mysterious ways. If you like to see it as a curse, however, you can add the DVD crew of the new Superman Returns flick to your list -- three members of the crew have suffered weird accidents: One tumbled down stairs, another got mugged and beaten up, and a third went through a glass window. Hmm. You know, my brother went through a glass window a few years back. I wonder if he was secretly involved with Superman.
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