Following in the footsteps of films like Bruce Almighty and its upcoming sequel Evan Almighty, Jamie Foxx, along with his manager Rucker King, are jumping on the deity train as producers of The Power of Duff. Story tells of a news anchor from Rochester, New York who, following the death of his father, begins to pray aloud while watching the evening news. When his prayers start coming true, people begin questioning whether this guy is some sort of prophet or just, well, lucky.

When Universal originally won the script in a bidding war, folks like Russell Crowe, Ron Howard and Tom Hanks were all very interested in the project. After those three dropped out, Foxx and King saw the opportunity and jumped onboard. The Miami Vice star is also looking at Duff as a potential starring vehicle for himself. Personally, I'd rather see Foxx in a role like this over any other A-Lister. We expect a character like this out of Hanks and Crowe, but not so much with Foxx. Plus, being that he's African American, I feel like a lot of important race issues could be raised, potentially creating a powerful and moving story.

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