I know there are many legitimate complaints for True Believers to make when it comes to the recent Fantastic Fourmovie. Any of us could work up a pretty respectable list of grievances to hand in to the folks at Marvel. Despite said complaints, though, as mentioned before I genuinely enjoyed the film, unlike many of my fellow fans. If, however, I were to work up such a list, at the very top would be the character portrayal of Reed Richards. I know -- of all the things to complain about, why pick that one at the top? Because I love the Four, I guess. Reed is a tech geek, sure ... but he is not a weak, whiny pansy who gets pushed around by everyone. Dude is one of the most important leaders in the entire superhero world. In the movie, he was a pantywaist.

Imagine my joy, then, when I read the following comments from one of the primary script writers for the Fantastic sequel: "I think the one thing I really want to do is make Reed Richards, that character, smarter and tougher. He's the leader. I think Ioan [Gruffudd] did a great job [in the first film], but I think he could have had more stuff to play as the leader. Reed Richards has his nerdy side, but he ultimately has to make some tough choices." Amen. I am now fully ready to accept a Fantastic Four sequel with an open heart. Let us hope that they make many such changes for the better.
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