• The thriller Cavite (above photo) plays at Dobie all week as part of the AFS@Dobie collaboration. John Pierson will attend tonight and Saturday night's screenings to discuss the distribution process; his producing class at UT helped secure distribution for Cavite. One student, Brian Clark, details the experience in this week's Austin Chronicle.
  • Tickets are going fast for Saturday night's screenings of A Scanner Darkly at Alamo South Lamar with composer Graham Reynolds in attendance, performing excerpts from the soundtrack before the film. The early show is sold out (we splurged and bought tickets online in advance).
  • The Paramount is focusing on musicals and comedies this week. You can see Guys and Dolls or a Mel Brooks double-feature of Young Frankenstein and 1968's The Producers on Saturday and Sunday. A Preston Sturges double on Monday and Wednesday features Hail, the Conquering Hero and The Miracle of Morgan's Creek. And next Thursday and Friday, you can enjoy two Ernst Lubitsch films, The Shop Around the Corner and Ninotchka.
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