Growing up with a thumb protruding from your forehead probably wasn't easy. Or how about your friend who had hair growing out of her eyes? That was strange. School was torture. Kids ridiculed. No one wanted to be around you. The opposite sex posted flyers warning the community to stay away ... or else. Yeah, life sucked. Well, now you might have a chance to shove it all back in their faces, because Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is casting ... freaks!

That's right! If you're male, 18 or above and have eyeballs sticking out the back of your neck, there's a chance you can be an actual pirate in the upcoming third installment. It seems those casting folks have enough good looking people, so now they're really into the weird, the odd and the abnormal. However, you will have to be in or around the area of Sherman Oaks, California to participate. Oh, and in case you're wondering whether it's worth a trip, here's more of what they're looking for: "You must be an extreme character type! We need extremely skinny, very tall, very short, hunchback, little people, unusual facial features and body types, exotic amputees, albinos, etc." Well, I'm out. How about you?

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