After Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chestrocked all of our socks last weekend with a record-setting $135,634,554 million opening weekend (sure, cynics might say that its presence on over 8000 screens in more than 4000 theaters had something to do with that but still -- that's a big damn pile of money), Buena Vista and Disney are hoping the film sets more records as it heads into weekend number two. POTC2 has been setting new marks pretty much every day, and assumptions are that tonight's final numbers will find it surpassing Spider-Man 2 as the biggest seven day-earner in history; Sunday will likely see earnings top $250 million.

Away from the US, meanwhile, this is Superman Returns' first World Cup-free (Forza Italia!) weekend, and Warner Bros. is giving the film a broad debut in European and South and Central America; WB expects big numbers from France, England, Mexico and Brazil, all of which are seeing the film this weekend for the first time.