The ageless Nicolas Roeg (ok, he's not really ageless, just 78 and still going strong) received government funding last week for his latest film, an adaptation of Fay Weldon's 1980 novel Puffball that is already in post-production. According to a report in Screen Daily, Roeg got just over $1 million from the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund to help finance the film, which stars Kelly Reilly, Miranda Richardson and Donald Sutherland.

Though a look at Amazon suggest that the British Weldon isn't too well-known in the US, she's established in the UK, and her books have been quite successful there. The one in question, Puffball, is "a tale of witchcraft and childbirth" in which a pregnant woman is abandoned by her husband, and then find herself the target of assorted spells cast by a neighbor who, for some reason, "believes that the baby ... should rightfully be in her." Erm, ok. The only summary I can find describes the novel as "by turns hilarious and frightening," and Weldon has a reputation of touching on feminist issues in her work. So, basically, it's impossible to imagine what the tone of this one might be, but Roeg has successfully told very odd stories before, so his presence (along with that of Richardson, who plays the witchy neighbor) is an encouraging one.
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