What with that whole Blade thing doing reasonably well, and his own martial arts skills making him a natural cinematic ass-kicker, it's no surprise that Wesley Snipes has accepted the starring role in another movie about a guy who fights supernatural baddies. In this case, the film is called Gallowwalker, and his enemies are zombies. Mmm ... zombies. Directed by Andrew Goth, whose only previous feature involved horror and some sort of blood parasite, the film is about Kaos (that's Snipes) "the mysterious son of a nun" who breaks her vows in an effort to protect him (I'm assuming that doesn't mean she seduced his attackers, but I guess you never really know). For some reason, the vow-breaking makes all of Kaos' victims -- yeah, he seems to kill people a lot, though whether it's for pleasure or business is unclear -- come back to life. Needless to say, they're not happy. Luckily for Kaos, however, he finds himself a "warrior sidekick" by the name of Fabulos. If only the sidekick was a really flamboyant, fighting gay man named Fabulous, Gallowwalker might just be the most perfect movie ever made. As it is, though, I still want to see it. And, yes, I'm a sucker for nonsensical, action-filled crap.

Production is expected to begin next month in Namibia (if Angelina says it's ok, of course) and South Africa; whether the result will go straight to video or actually show up on theater screens is anyone's guess.
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