In a pair of deals that stunned insiders this weekend, J.J. Abramsleft Touchstone Television for the arms of WBTV and Paramount Pictures, where he'll flex his TV and movie muscles, respectively. Since we're primarily concerned with the big screen around here, we'll ignore his shocking departure from Touchstone, and focus instead on the latter deal, which is mind-blowingly sweet. Under terms of the agreement, Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions will offer Paramount the first look at their movie ideas for the next five years, the first such deal that Abrams has ever signed. In exchange, the director will get at least $22.5 million, while Bad Robot picks up $2.5 million annually to pay for "film development overhead." Oh, and the company will also get yearly beer money discretionary funding in the amount of $500,000.

The deal goes into effect on August 1 and, while it doesn't quite push Abrams into Brian Grazer or Jerry Bruckheimer territory (thank God for that), it nevertheless will "establish Abrams as one of the leading producers on the Paramount lot." I think it's safe to say, then, that they liked what he did with MI3.
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