As a massive fan of the Looney Tunes, I called foul the moment I saw the very first (and woefully wretched) trailer for Little Man. The flick's about a pint-sized criminal who poses as a baby in order to get some valuables back from an unwitting new guardian -- which means it has the exact same plot as the classic 1954 Looney Tunes short called Baby Buggy Bunny.

OK, I thought, fine. The witless Wayanses are stealing from old Bugs Bunny cartoons now. Wonderful. But now comes word from Cartoon Brew that there's a lot more thievery going on than previously assumed. (Having not seen Little Man myself, mainly because I choose not to drop $10.50 on voluntary retina torture, I cannot comment on these scenes -- but if I HAD been in the movie theater as the rip-offs unfolded, I'd have been screeching like a howler monkey.)

Stuff stolen from the 52-year-old cartoon includes: 1) A scene in which the new guardians discover a tattoo on their new baby friend; 2) A clueless grown-up giving the man-baby the "upsy-daisy" treatment ... into the ceiling; 3) The most blatant theft: A gag involving the flicking of lights and the smackdown that occurs when someone says "click" instead of flipping the lights off. (It makes more sense if you've seen the Bugs cartoon recently, which I have.)

Little Man is a Sony product. Bugs' copyrights are held by Warner Bros. Where's the freaking lawsuit? If we can't punish the Wayanses for making such absymal comedies, surely they can get their knuckles rapped for outright plagiarism.

(Thanks to film ick for the pointer towards Cartoon Brew, and thanks to CB for the pic of "Finster Baby.")
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