Similar to the approach taken by Universal with United 93, Paramount has decided to offer Oliver Stone'sWorld Trade Center to members of the New York police and fire departments before the film is seen by the general public. (Because the film depicts the ordeals of two cops during 9/11, I suppose the studio's plan to focus on NYPD and NYFD rescue personnel, as opposed to the families of those who lost their lives when when the Towers went down actually makes sense.) According to weekend reports in the New York media, Paramount will offer free, private screenings at multiplexes across the city to cops and firefighters interested in seeing the film. There are concerns, however, that WTC will be too much emotionally for those who were involved in the 9/11 rescue efforts, and the Port Authority union is warning its members that members who see the movie are risking post-traumatic stress.

So, are you looking forward to WTC? People had such strong, mostly positive reactions to United 93; it'll be interesting to see if audiences feel as strongly about a more personal, star-laden film about a successful rescue. Personally, I'm less interested in it than I have been most of Stone's films -- he keeps insisting that this one is entirely politics free, which seems to sort of defeat the purpose of his presence.