One thing we knew for sure about the (eventually) upcoming Halo movie was that the screenplay was written by Alex Garland, he of frequent (The Beach, 28 Days Later, and the slick-looking Sunshine) Danny Boyle collaborations. Now comes word, however, that novelist-turned-screenwriter D.B. Weiss has been given second draft duty by Halo producer Peter Jackson.

But who, exactly, is D.B. Weiss? According to this interview, he's a writer who's pretty well-versed in video games, which certainly helps when you're adapting something like Halo for the silver screen. Mr. Weiss is also the author of a very well-received novel called Lucky Wander Boy, which deals with a guy obsessed with obscure video games (and is also a book I now plan to read). Plus he's also the umpteenth writer to get a whack at the Ender's Game screenplay, and maybe he'll actually be the one who finishes the job ...

Anyway, if you love movies and video games in equal measure, check out this solid interview with Weiss. Guy seems to be someone I'd trust with a project like Halo. Then again, I thought Pitof would be the perfect guy to direct Catwoman.

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