Two years ago, Warner Brothers apparently announced plans to release Batman: The Musical, music and lyrics by Jim Steinman and direction by none other than Tim Burton himself. Burton obviously enjoys a good musical and has good Batman background, so it seemed like a rather good fit to all involved. Then Dance of the Vampires collapsed, which gave the studio cold feet. Not long thereafter the Batman film franchise was (very successfully) relaunched by Chris Nolan, and the musical project was left to curl up in a corner and die.

But wait ... this is the age of the Internet, when nothing truly dies! Granted, the project will almost certainly never see the light of day (at least not in anything resembling the last incarnation), but lyricist/musician Jim Steinman is now hip to the world of blog, and he has a few sample recordings from back when everyone was working hard to make this sucker happen. If you swing on over to his blog (Words by Jim Steinman), you can dig the newly shared Joker's Song ... which is more or less just what it sounds like. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this, but for some reason the concept of Batman: The Musical is exciting to me. It may be for the best that we never got to see it, but I sort of wish we could have.

[via Modern Fabulousity]
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