I'll be the first to admit, I am not an international comic books expert. I read some manga, but that really about covers it for my foreign-comic consumption. So I am ashamed to admit today is the first I've ever heard of the apparently successful French comic book production company Humanoides Assosciaes. Word is producer Pierre Spengler, who worked on the original Superman movies, has tapped into the HA action, pulling a slate of twelve graphic novel titles for production potential.

At the top of the list will apparently be a live-action version of the novel I Am Legion by Fabien Nury. Nury's story is of political intrigue circa World War II -- namely, a mad Nazi mind-control scheme (hence "Legion," you see). Interestingly, author Nury has both written the screenplay and plans to direct (or possibly co-direct) the movie based on his own work. I continue to be a huge fan of the idea of keeping the original author heavily involved in the film production. It creates a tighter product all around -- just ask Frank Miller. The film is rumored to have an approximate budget of $15 million, and will begin shooting in Croatia next year. If successful, it could lead to several more flicks; check out the potential list here.

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