Only because I'm such a pathetic movie/DVD geek do I remember the small wave of unhappiness that arrived when Paramount finally released Grease onto digital disc. Packaged in a flimsy little cardboard sleeve, the DVD offered fine audio/video specs (which, obviously, are the most important thing) but very little in the way of Los Goodies Extros: just some cast/crew interviews and a lame little booklet thingie. Fans of the flick smelled a double dip coming ... and they were right.

Scheduled to hand-jive its way into DVD stores on September 12th, the Grease "Rockin' Rydell Edition" promises stuff like cast & crew interviews (again), eleven deleted/extended scenes, snippets from the 25th Anniversary celebration, and a few featurettes that focus on "memories," "moves," and "roadsters." Oddly enough, the back of the DVD case touts the "Rydell Singalong" as the most dazzling extra -- but isn't that just another way of saying "English Subtitles Included"?

Greasefans can check out the new DVD's front cover (which is simply atrocious) right here and the back cover right here. Me, I'll probably stick with the original DVD. I was hoping for an Eddie Deezen/Didi Conn commentary.
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