It really is good we have such competent, talented and knowledgeable writers here at Cinematical to provide you with all manner of insightful movie industry commentary -- because you sure won't get it in this column. Every now and then I let myself slip and actually produce a piece filled with meaningful dialog, but typically you just get a strange, rambling foray into what I loosely claim to call my mind.

If you enjoy high caliber, industry professional work, I suggest you try out the likes of Martha Fischer, Kim Voynar and the ever-popular James Rocchi. If you, like me, have trouble keeping your mind focused on meaningful things, I suggest you join my on today's flight of fancy. I'm not going to bother explaining how this concept gestated in my tiny brain, I'll just jump right in. Today's Geek Beat explores the results of crossing America's current summer movie trend -- superhero flicks -- with America's traditional summer pastime -- baseball. Now I'm probably journeying into difficult territory here, crossing a jock topic with a geek topic, but stay with me. Without further ado, The Geek Beat Presents: Marvel's All-Star Baseball Teams!

Note: This IS a movie website, and I am discussing summer superhero flicks, so the teams will be comprised only of those Marvel figures who have appeared in Marvel movies. Otherwise, we'd be looking at a whole different ballgame. Ha-ha-ha.
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