The Spider-Man movie franchise, soon to embark on a third film, is what movie executives gleefully refer to as a "cash cow." Despite high production budgets, the franchise means a lot of dollar signs for everyone involved. We the public are okay with them making this much money off us because hey, it's a good product. You make a good product and you match it with good marketing, and you'll probably make good money. Everyone is happy, both producers and consumers. But here's the rub -- everyone involved was only contracted through three pictures, which means after this flick there are no guarantees. Okay, so there is one guarantee now.

According to J.K. Simmons, the man behind Spider-Man's J. Jonah Jameson, director Sam Raimi is quite interested in continuing on with the franchise. Simmons said he'd love to continue on for parts 4-6, and indicated that Raimi had openly discussed the possibility of a fourth film during the last few days of filming. And really, if Raimi is on board, that's half the battle. They're already setting up Gwen (Bryce Dalas Howard) to replace MJ ( Kirsten Dunst reportedly hasn't been happy in the role anyway), so as long as Maguire is in, they'll be good to go.
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