As the magical Martha Fischer reported way back in May, the Slither DVD looks to be overstuffed with fan-geeky goodness. And now that Universal has announced an official release date (and writer/director James Gunn has reiterated the Goodies Bin at his MySpace page), I figure it's a good time to sift through the gory goods one more time.

The audio commentary with James Gunn and Nathan Fillion will undoubtedly be a treat (probably in a John Carpenter / Kurt Russell kinda way), but there's also tons of deleted and extended scenes, gag reels and bloopers, a full "making of" doco, several amusing-sounding featurettes (which include a Fillion roast and an up-close look at the splattery FX), set tours, video diaries, and a whole bunch of little treats.

But the most important thing on a DVD is, of course, the movie. And I suspect that Slither might just end up on that short list of long-lasting tongue-in-cheek monster movies that everyone eventually grows to love. Like Tremors and Arachnophobia and Eight-Legged Freaks. (Hey, I like it. Sue me.)

The Slither DVD hits stores on October 24th. And Universal better throw those trailers on there.
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