After hearing so much about what he may or may not do in the future, Steven Spielberg finally set the record straight himself during a brief interview given right before the director received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF). First off, Spielberg debunked rumors he was interested in directing a film-version of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, saying he's never been approached about it and, even if he was, would decline because it's "not his thing."

Next, Spielberg briefly touched upon Indiana Jones 4, noting the script is still in development, with David Koepp fine-tuning what we all hope is the final draft. (Why do I feel like I'll be repeating that line for the next several months?) Hey, at least Jurassic Park 4 is moving ahead at a quicker pace. Though IMDb lists its director as Breck Eisner, Spielberg insists Joe Johnston (who directed Jurassic Park 3) has first dibs on the sequel. More dinosaurs! Yay!

As far as that whole Kip Thorne-inspired sci-fi project Spielberg was working on, it's been given the title Interstellar and, like the rest of his films, is currently in development. When asked how close it was to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Spielberg said Interstellar is nothing like 2001, but didn't provide any further details as far as plot goes. Oh, and what about poor old Abe Lincoln? Is it dead? Well, he's dead, but is the project still alive? Yes it is. The script is being written and Spielberg hopes production will start somewhere around September or October of 2007. However, the big question on everyone's mind is "Will Abe Lincoln go before Indy 4?" Unfortunately, Spielberg could not answer. Yeah, I'd wave bye bye to another Indy adventure in summer 2008.

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