When Bryan Singer announced he'd be resurrecting the Superman movie franchise, more or less everyone presumed this meant a new life for the series. Sequels were discussed almost before the cameras started rolling on the original film. However, the high budget flick hasn't performed quite as well as everyone expected, and the word from the studio now says Returns needs to break the $200 million mark (presumably in domestic box office sales) to warrant a sequel. Even then, his budget will be drastically cut down. Returns is chugging away domestically -- technically it is outpacing the performance of Batman Begins -- and so a $200 million mark is entirely within the realm of probability. Should it hit, you can bet on Singer and company jumping at the chance to put together a sequel, if for no other reason than to prove they weren't a death knell for the franchise.

So, what would be the plot of such a sequel? Well nobody really knows, of course, but rumors have started flying due to a t-shirt. Yes, a t-shirt. At a UK premiere for Returns, director Bryan Singer invited his writing partners onto the stage with him. One of them was wearing a shirt which proudly declared "Kneel Before Zod." So of course this means a sequel would be the return of Zod, right? Very tenuous details to base a rumor on, but that's why they call them rumors, right? And Zod would be cool.
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