While I'm sure most of you are die hard Justin Timberlake fans and refuse to hear anything bad about the singer-turned-actor, so far all of the films he has starred in have one thing in common -- no theatrical release. After premiering at Sundance to lukewarm reviews, Alpha Dog was supposed to debut at some point this past spring, but with the controversy surrounding the film's plot and differing opinions regarding its release schedule, there's a good chance we won't see this puppy hit theaters until winter.

Ah, and then there's Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. In the pic, Timberlake plays an Iraq war veteran who narrates through the scope of his machine gun. After critics at Cannes went all Brown Bunny on this sucker, calling it a "sloppy mess" and a "major disappointment," Kelly was forced back into the editing room to try and find some way to salvage the film. Recently, Sony Pictures acquired all American theatrical and home video distribution rights with hopes to debut it sometime next year ... if that ever happens.

Okay, so that's Timberlake's second and third film -- what about his first? Perhaps you'll remember way back in September 2005 when Edison (later changed to Edison Force) closed the Toronto Film Festival. Pic, which featured a nice-looking cast of Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Dylan Mcdermott and, our hero, Justin Timberlake was, like Alpha Dog, supposed to hit theaters this past spring. However, we now have word that, due to extremely negative reviews, Edison Force is heading straight to DVD. This leads to an interesting question: Does a Justin Timberlake curse really exist? If so, what does this mean for the upcoming Black Snake Moan and Shrek the Third, both of which feature Timberlake? Will something go wrong? Probably. We'll keep an eye out and let you know as soon the curse strikes again.