Recent Theatricals

ATL (WB) -- From what I've read, it's sorta like American Grafitti 'n the Hood. (deleted scenes, featurette, music video)

She's the Man (Paramount) -- Easily the best teenage cross-dressing comedy since Just One of the Guys. And the worst. (cast & crew commentary, deleted scenes, featurette, gag reel, music video, photo album, trivia track)

Foreign & Arty

Clean (Palm) -- Maggie Cheung and Nick Nolte star in Olivier Assayas' strangely disarming redemption tale. (cast & crew interviews)

Shakespeare Behind Bars (Shout Factory) -- This doco takes you to a Kentucky prison to visit an unlikely Shakespeare troop. (convict commentary, deleted scenes, two featurettes)

Tsotsi (Miramax) -- I've heard it called the South African version of City of God. And that's a pretty lofty compliment. (director commentary, deleted scenes, alternate ending, featurette, short film, music video)