The only time I don't feel bad about walking out of a movie is when I'm at a film festival. Sometimes there's something else I really want to see, and sometimes I'm just so dead-tired that my only options are to leave quietly or snore loudly. But when it comes to a movie I know I'm going to review, there's simply no choice: You watch the whole dang thing. And I'm talking about festivals that show films by Larry Clark, Gregg Araki and Catherine Breillat -- so I know what suffering is. And, apparently, so does Joel Siegel.

Anyway, here's the story, straight from the keyboard of Kevin Smith himself: There was a recent press screening of Clerks 2 in New York City. Apparently the flick's "ribald" nature did not sit well with the refined and delicate sensibilities of Siegel, he of Good Morning America and hundreds of terrible puns masquerading as movie reviews fame. About 40 minutes into the flick, Siegel decided to bail. (That really is strike one, because, as a movie critic, even a homogenized one like Joel Siegel, the very least that you're required to do is finish a freakin' movie. I sat through all of White Chicks and I didn't make a dime for that review; Joel Siegel can suffer through Clerks 2 for his $200k* a year.)
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