Steven Spielberg, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, has thrown his producer weight behind director Micheal Bay's upcoming Transformers adaptation. The definitive Spielberg site on the internet, recently caught up with the man himself, and asked him quite a number of questions. There's a bit about Jurassic Park, some Indiana Jones, and a ton of other stuff (check out Erik's summary here). The salient bit of questioning for this geek beat writer, however, were the two brief queries regarding The Transformers, as it is a film I've been following intently for some months now. Spielberg's comments initially gave me a small bit of hope, only to dash it nanoseconds later. First, he declared the dailies to be fantastic (yes, I know he has to say that because of his involvement with the film, but it was still great to hear). He then quickly followed up by noting he hadn't actually seen anything as far as effects go; he's only seen the physical action. We all know Michael Bay is good at action, what we really want to know is what he is doing with our beloved Robots in Disguise.
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