Say what you will about the state of Stan Lee's abilities these days, I continue to defend his cameo involvement in all Marvel projects. The man helped create them, and was the public face of Marvel for many of the company's very best years, he certainly deserves a few seconds on screen. He had a great full dialog (improv, apparently) in Fantastic Four, but it fell under the cutting knife for timing concerns. No worries, though; Stan says his Spider-Man 3 cameo will be his best yet. When recently asked by IF Magazine, Stan said: "I did it and it's the best cameo I've done yet. It's wonderful. I share the screen with Peter Parker and talk to him."

Good for you, Stan. I can only imagine the thrill it must be to stand on the set of a major blockbuster franchise built on the characters you helped bring to life. Also, I love that he said he talked to Peter Parker, and not Tobey Macguire. I always find myself clapping when Stan appears on screen.
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