Normally I have a pretty low tolerance for the fan-made movie parodies that you find littered all over iFilm, YouTube, MySpace, and SheHulk. If I'm sitting at my computer, it probably means I'm working, and I don't always have an extra seven minutes to dedicate to someone's homemade Requiem for a Dream spoof.

But David Poland's Hot Blog just posted a downright hilarious clip called The Vader Sessions, which is hosted (of course) on YouTube, the world's breeding ground for funny video stuff. The clip is just under ten minutes long, and it's basically a bunch of Darth Vader scenes from the original Star Wars. But some clever kooks went and replaced all of the Sith Lord's dialogue with passages from other James Earl Jones performances. And since the actor's voice is so darn distinctive, you'll have no trouble buying Darth Vader as a stone-cold pimp with a stanky backhand.

And remember how I said I'm usually pretty busy in front of my computer? Well, I just got done watching The Vader Sessions twice. Freakin' hilarious!

The "new" Vader spouts dialogue from Field of Dreams, Coming to America, Soul Man, The Great White Hope, The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings, and (I believe)The Hunt for Red October. Can you name the other ones?
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